Aliko Dangote has regained his position as the richest man in Africa, as Forbes Real-Time Billionaires magazine revealed today.

Aliko Dangote 

    The magazine, which provides continuous updates on the net worth and reputation of every person confirmed as a billionaire, shows that Dangote's wealth has improved from $10 billion to $10.1 billion as of January 8, 2024.

    He met South African billionaire Johann Rupert and his family.  Rupert's net worth on January 8 was $10 billion, from $10.7 billion on January 30, 2023.

    Dangote, who is the Chairman of the Dangote Group, is now ranked 191 in the world, while Rupert and his family are ranked 197. The Bloomberg report also named Dangote as the richest person in Africa.

    According to Bloomberg, most of his wealth comes from his 86 percent stake in publicly traded Dangote Cement.  He owns parts of the company directly.

    He said: "Other assets that Dangote owns publicly include Dangote Sugar, NASCON Allied Industries and United Bank for Africa.  His holdings in public companies are held directly and through Dangote Industries, which also owns companies in the food processing, fertilizer, fuel and  other industries.

Bloomberg also hinted that, his most valuable asset is a fertilizer plant capable of producing 2.8 million tons of urea every year.

 The valuation of Dangote's wealth is based on the KPMG wealth valuation system which has been reconfirmed by analysts from Bloomberg.

 Dangote's financial figures are based on an analysis of tax returns, business transactions within his group of companies, and other investments such as capital.

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