You can create avatar, that may not be a real human, but can still communicate and engage with you in a video just like one, for example, i can make the above avatar to be gisting and saying all sorts of what i want it to say in a video.

AI Avatar 

 This script was written using ChatGPT, an AI language model created by OpenAI. With this powerful tool you can generate natural language text just like the script you're reading right now, in your voice. Thanks to 11 Labs.

This company specializes in creating high-quality AI voiceovers, and their technology allowed you to have a voice that's natural and engaging. Also, you can create a video using DID, an AI video platform that allows you to create dynamic and engaging videos with ease. So, are you ready to create your own AI avatar? All you need is a combination of these AI tools and a little creativity, and the possibilities are endless. I can't wait to see what you come up with. So, let's delve into the main process. 

Step 1: Create your free image avatar using Mid-Journey 

First, we need an image. So, for this, we're going to use Mid-Journey. If you don't have an account already, just go and register. Immediately after registration it will take you to the Discord server. I have already joined the Discord server, so I'm not going to do this step, but you'll have to do it if you don't have an account.

So, once you are in the Discord server, simply find one of the newbies channels and join. Let's say I click on a channel, i will be able to see different images that are in the channel. These are different images that people are generating right away. In order to generate an image, you need a prompt. Mid-Journey has a special syntax for a prompt, so it's slash Imagine, and then you simply provide the prompt. 

So after that, put your image as a prompt, then describe what you want the image to look like, then in terms of what camera type to use with different parameters, and then the lighting conditions, all are there, and then the different aspect ratio. So now run it. This is going to take 30 seconds, so you will have to wait. 

Now, Mid-Journey will generate four potential images, v1, v2, u1, u2, these are basically showing the image numbers as u1, u2, u3, u4, and then you can pick one of them, let's say, that variation may exist between 1, 2, 3, 4. So, you can actually choose one of them, and it will generate four more, like, pastel off of that. But now, let's say we want to use one of them and simply upscale it, to upscale is basically to make it  bigger. So, let's say I want to use the first one, so, all I have to do is to choose the one I want  and it will start upscaling. It will again take some time.

Step 2: Generate audio for your video using chatGPT and 11 Labs 

Then simply save the image, after it's done. Now let's move on to the second step. So next we go to chat GPT and asked chat GPT to create a script for this video. It will come up with a script. All we have to do is simply copy the script, and we use 11 Labs to actually create the narration. 11 Labs, you don't really have to sign up to actually test it, but usually the audio you can generate is pretty small without signing up. So, go ahead, sign up if you want longer audios. Okay, so all you have to do here is to simply copy the text into 11 Labs, and select your voice. You can actually change different voice settings. Then click generate, now your audio will start generating.  After it finished generating the audio, just simply download it.

Step 3: Create your free video using D-ID 

All right, so we are done with our audio section as well, now let's move to DID for creating our video. So again, in the D-ID platform, you can either click on a free trial, or you can make your account activated to create videos. 

In your D-ID click on create videos. Then add another avatar. They have some prebuilt avatars as well that you can choose from, but you simply upload the one that you just created with Mid Journey. Now the other option is in terms of the audio, you can type in the script you were provided earlier, or they have a few voices that you can use, and they're pretty nice too. You can actually change the style as well, like assistant chat or cheerful, there is friendly voice as well. 

Now ask it to generate the video. It keeps track of how many credits you have, I think it gives you like 20 credits, and each video takes five credits, so you can generate your first 4 videos free of charge. After clicking, It may take some time, just wait for the video generation to be completed. 

Then, you can actually simply download the video if you want, or download it later on, upload it to YouTube. But you can see that they were able to animate the face using the voice, although it still looks robotic, but I think that's pretty good. And it's a free tool to use, so that's always nice.

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