What is Keylogger

Hi everyone and welcome to Blueguard. Today we will discuss a program that secretly and maliciously records our input data and send them to their origin without our knowledge, this programs are known as keyloggers.

The internet is an endless source of information and data. Still, in some cases, we come across some occurrences like cyber attacks, hacking or sentry which may affect our time on the web. 

To understand the keylogging problem better, let's take a look at an example of Shema's story. Shema works in a business firm where she manages the company's data regularly. Jacob from information department comes to enlight Shema about some of the security protocols and challenges. During the briefing Shema informs him about some of the problems their system was facing, which included slow reaction, speed, and unusual internet activity. 

As Jacob heard about the problems with the system, he thinks of the possibilities, what could be the reason behind these problems her system was facing. The conclusion that he came across was the keylogging issue.

Shema is still yet to understand the problem her system was facing, she asked him about some of the details regarding keylogging issues. 

Jacob continue to explain in detail, for today's agenda:

  • We'll learn what exactly the keylogging program is. 
  • We'll learn what exactly keyloggers are and how they affect our system.
  • Then we'll see how the system gets infected, what are different methods how the keylogging issue enter into the system.
  • Then we'll take a look at different methods on how to detect the key logging issue into the system.
  • Then we'll take a look at different types of key loggers that are present and how they affect differently into the system. 
  • Then we'll take a look how the hackers use the recorded data that has been sent by the keylogging program.
  • Then we'll take a look at a case where the mobile devices get infected with the keylogging issue.
  • And lastly, we'll take a look, what are different prevention methods available to prevent the system from getting infected by the keylogging issue. 

What is Keylogging Program 

To begin with, we'll learn what exactly the keylogging program is. As the name suggests, KeyLogger is a malicious program or a tool that is designed to record keystrokes that are typed during data input and record them into a log file. Then the same program secretly sends these log files to its origin, where they can be used for malicious acts by the hacker that design the keylogger. 

How Keylogging Program Enter into a Computer System 

Now that we know what the key logging program is, let's take a look how they enter into the system. Keylogging program enter into a computer system through the following route:

  • While searching for a suitable driver for a system can often lead to the installation of the keylogging program into the system.
  • If we often visit suspicious sites and uncertified software are installed into our system. 
  • If we use unknown links or visit unknown websites which come through unknown addresses can also be a reason behind the key logging issue entering into the system. 
  • And lastly there are often cases where different pop-ups that we often see on social sites or different media sites can lead to the installation of key logging program into a system. 

How to Detect Keylogging Program in Your System 

Now that we know how the problem gets into the system, let's take a look at how to identify whether the system is infected by the keylogging issue, Here are some signs of Keylogger program infection. 

The key logging issue can be identified if there are often cases when a keyboard lags behind the system. The data that we enter sometimes is stuck in between when we type through the input. 

Then, there are cases when the system freeze occurs unknowingly to what exactly could be the reason behind it and also there are delayed reaction time for different applications that run on the system. 

And lastly, there are different cases when we often see suspicious internet activity on the system that we don't know about. This could lead to the identification of a problem into the system. 

Types of Keyloggers

Now, we'll take a look at different types of keyloggers that are present on the internet which can harm our system differently. 

API Based Keyloggers 

The first problem that keyloggers causes is API based. The most common key logging case which uses API's to keep a log of the typed data and share the data to its origin for malicious purposes. Each time we press a key the key logger intercepts the signal and logs it.

Form Grabbing-Based Keyloggers 

Then we have form grabbing-based keyloggers, as the name suggests they are grabbing-based key loggers that store the form data that we use, if we often use web forms or different kinds of forms to enter different data. The data can be recorded into the system by the program and send it to its origin. 

Kernel-Based Keyloggers 

Then we have kernel-based keyloggers. These keyloggers are installed deeply into the operating system where they can hide from different antivirus if not checked properly and they record the data that we type on the keyboard and send it to its origin.

Hardware Keyloggers 

Lastly, we have hardware keyloggers. These keyloggers are present directly into the hardware, that is, they are embedded into system, where they record a data that we typed on the keyboard.

How Hackers Exploit Keylogger Recorded Data

Now let take a look at how hackers differentiate different types of Keylogger recorded data and exploit them. When hackers receive information about the target through their Keylogger, they might use it to blackmail the target, which may affect the personal life of the target and also blackmail them for different money related issues. 

Then in case of company data, that is recorded by the key logging program can also affect the economic value of the company in the market which may lead to the downfall of the company.

 Also in some cases the key logging program can also log data about military secrets which may include nuclear codes or security protocols which are necessary to maintain the security of a country. 

Can Mobile Phone Get Infected With Keylogging Program?

Now let's take a look whether mobile devices get infected with the keylogging issue or not. In the case of hand devices, infection of keyloggers are low in comparison to the computer systems as they use on-screen keyboard or virtual keyboard. 

But in some cases, we often see different kinds of malicious programs getting installed into the hand device if we often visit different uncertified websites or illegal websites or torrent sites. And also the device that is infected with the key logging issue or different kind of malicious program can often lead to the exploitation of data that includes photos, emails or important files by the hacker or the cybercriminal that installed a particular malicious program into the system. 

How to Prevent System From Getting Infected by Keylogging Program 

Now, to prevent a system from getting infected by the keylogging program, let's take a look at different points. 

The first point includes using of different antivirus softwares or tools which can prevent the entering of malicious program into the system. 

Then, keeping system security protocols regularly updated is also a good habit. 

Lastly, using virtual keyboard to input our sensitive data which may include bank details, login details or different passwords related to different websites.


Now that we have reached the end of the post, let's take a look at the summary. Firstly, we have learned what exactly keyloggers are. Then we understood what different modes are present, how the system get infected with the key logging program. Then we learned how to detect the program into our system. Then we learned what different types of key loggers are present on the net. We also understood how hackers use the recorded data from the program. And we also learned whether mobile devices get infected with the keylogging problem or not. And lastly, we understood what different points can be taken to prevent the entering of the keylogging problem into the system. If you have any query regarding topic of keyloggers, feel free to ask them on the comment section. Thank you for reading. Happy Learning!
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