The Nigerian police deployed to the north-eastern region of Nigeria have complained about the non-payment of their allowances for six months.

Nigerian police 

 The police, who were picked from different states and taken to the area to carry out security operations with the cooperation of other security forces, said that the non-payment of their fees has put them in a difficult situation.

 One of the police officers involved told our official that since they were sent to the area eight months ago to work with the army, they have only been paid two months' allowance, even though they see their colleagues getting theirs.  The salary is on time.

 'We are facing problems due to the lack of money for allowances, because it is only our salary that we share with our families and we take care of our own services.  It is in this salary that we take care of our health problems, eat and deal with other things that are our responsibility as family members.'

 He also called on their leaders to listen to their pleas for their rights to be paid considering that most of them were taken from far away places and are currently in a difficult situation.

Attempts by one of our news men to hear from the headquarters of the Nigerian Police Force on this issue were unsuccessful as calls to the public relations department of the force were not answered.

 While these policemen are devoting their lives to the efforts to calm security in the North East region of the country, there is a need to see that their rights are paid on time so that they can carry out their duties without any hindrance.

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