A film from Nollywood industry in southern Nigeria has set a new record as the first Nigerian film to gross over one billion naira at the local cinema. The movie titled 'a tribe called judah' achieved this milestone in just three weeks.

 The producer of the film - Nigerian actress, director and producer, Funke Akindele - thanked all her fans for this milestone.

A tribe called judah 

 "Thank you God! Thank you Nigerians! Thank you Ghanaians!"  she posted on her Instagram page, which drew congratulations from thousands of people.

 The feat made Funke Akindele, 46, the highest paid director in the Nollywood industry.

 The movie also features some stars from northern Nigeria like Uzee Usman.

 The film 'a tribe called judah' has overtaken some of the best Hollywood movies in terms of  amount of money they bring to the Nigerian cinema including black panther: Wakanda Forever which previously held this position  of the highest-grossing film in the country.

 "This success is not just about the amount of money it brings; it is a testament to the skill of storytelling and the pride in culture and the virtue of Nollywood that other competitors may lack ," said a film production company, FilmOne.  Entertainment, on Instagram.

 He hailed the film as a "precious classic".

 The company also paid tribute to Funke Akindele saying that her talent for storytelling has "opened an important chapter in the great Nigerian cinema industry".

 A Tribe Called Judah has received rave reviews from people and is garnering high ratings on various film review platforms.

 Funke Akindele's mother - to whom the director dedicated the film - played a key role in the production of the film.

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