In today's post we are going to talk about how to become a data engineer. So without any further delay let's discuss our today's agenda. So in today's agenda we will discuss why become a data engineer. Then we will see who is a data engineer. Next we will see data engineer job description and skills according to different companies. After that we will see how to become a data engineer and how to get started with it.
A data engineer is an IT worker whose primary job is to prepare data for analytical or operational uses. These software engineers are typically responsible for building data pipelines to bring together information from different source systems. 

Complete Roadmap to Data Engineering: How to Become Successful Data Engineer in 2024 Without Going University

So why to become a data engineer? 

The answer can lie in the demand for this job. According to LinkedIn there is over 32,000 vacant jobs in Indian job market while in the US job market there is over 197,000 jobs for data engineers. Now if we talk about Bangalore which is famously regarded as the Silicon Valley of India or the IT capital of India there is a vacancy of over 13,000 jobs for data engineers while in the Silicon Valley of the world California there is over 17,000 vacant jobs for data engineers. 

Now we will see what is the salary for data engineers since there is a lot of vacancy the demand for this job is pretty high though the competition is not that high. In Nigeria the average salary of data engineers in Abuja is #347,000 naira per month, some reported as high as #1,050,000 naira per month in Lagos. In India the average salary of a data engineer is 8 lakhs per annum while the average salary of a data engineer in US market is $116,624 dollars per year.

Top companies that are hiring Data Engineers 

Next we will see the top companies that are hiring data engineers. This can range from Flipkart, TCS, Fractal, Cognizant, Dell, Amazon, Genpak, JP Morgan, Salesforce, KPMG, Mindtree, HP, Deloitte, IBM and even Accenture. There is a lot more other companies that are hiring data engineers but these are the top few to mention.

Who is a data Engineer?

 Next we will see who is a data engineer. So according to definition data engineers work in a variety of settings to build systems that collect, manage and convert raw data into usable information for data scientists and business analysts to interpret. The amount of data an engineer works with varies with the organization but particularly with respect to its size. 

Complete Roadmap to Data Engineering: How to Become Successful Data Engineer in 2024 Without Going University

The bigger the company the more complex the analytics architecture and the more data the engineer will be responsible for. Data engineers work in conjunction with data science teams, improving data transparency and enabling businesses to make more trustworthy business decisions. 

How a data engineer help an organization

They helped the organization by creating optimal data pipeline structure, assembling large complex data sets, identifying and designing and implementing internal processes and even create data tools for the analytics team and the data scientists team and secure and separate data across national boundaries.

The job description and skills required by a data engineer according to IBM is the requirement for Hadoop, Hive, Park or PySpark, SQL, Uzi and knowledge of data modeling in Hive and knowledge of programming languages like Java, Python, Scala and even knowledge of SQL scripting and BDW data modeling. 

According to Dell they require JavaScript, SQL Server, Teradata, Hadoop, Spark are in their job description. Few skills to mention that is required by a data engineer are organizational skills, ETL programming, data APIs, programming languages like R, Python, data warehousing and distributed systems. These knowledge can help you get a better knowledge of data engineering. 

 Tools required by a data engineer

Tools required by data engineer include but not limited to the following: Azure, Hive, Hadoop, Amazon Web Services, Python, Apache Spark, Amazon Redshift and Amazon S3.

Roles and responsibilities of data engineer 

Next, we will look into the roles and responsibilities of a data engineer. They are mainly designing and developing and even tuning and implementing database objects across a wide range of technologies to support applications. A data engineer even has to develop and tune ETLs and APIs to automate data movement. 

They have to work closely with different team members to integrate new components and features into the current application ecosystem. They even have to evaluate industry trends for opportunities to utilize new technologies and implement these into the solution stack as appropriate. 

A data engineer is also required to perform tuning with respect to executor sizing and other environmental parameters, code optimization, partition tuning, et cetera.

How to become a data engineer? 

The roadmap to become a data engineer can go like from being proficient in programming languages to learning automation and scripting, then understanding your databases and mastering data processing techniques to studying cloud computing and internalizing infrastructure. 

To get started with the learning process, you can look into Edureka YouTube channel to start with. Even with no prior knowledge of data engineering, one can just go through the videos and get an understanding of the whole subject. They even have Edureka blogs to help you with detailed information on the topics and can give you a clearer picture. Apart from these, they even have premium courses which can help you understand the topic at ease with the personal trainer and 24 hours access to lifetime content. You can learn there at your own pace with a live trainer who's extremely efficient and knowledgeable and experienced in the particular field.

These courses can even get you certificates which you can add in your CV for better opportunity in your job market. 


So that's it for today. I hope this post helped you and will help you decide how to become a data engineer. So that's it for today. Thank you and see you again.
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