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Cybersecurity has been the dream career line for many technologist, but if you're one of those who are still having thoughts on whether you should actually pursue a career in cybersecurity or not, I'm here to convince you as to why you should definitely go for it. 

In today's post i will talk about 10 reasons why you should definitely opt for a career in cybersecurity. We'll be rolling down from  number 10 to number 1. So let's jump in without wasting much time. 

So our first and foremost reason is cybersecurity is an evergreen industry,  like air pollution was a byproduct of the Industrial Revolution, cyber tax is a similar byproduct of the digital revolution, keeping this situation in mind and looking at the advances we have made as a community since the invention of the internet. I think it's an obvious conclusion that cybersecurity as a viable career option is here to stay with the advent of topics like big data internet of things cloud computing the permanent stature and magnitude of its importance has been very well set into stone.

For reason number nine, if you guys love to travel the world, cybersecurity will be a picture perfect job for you guys. The Israeli cyber security industry contributes over 7 billion to the Israeli economy, tens of thousands of homegrown experts are working to protect Israeli businesses government agencies and consumers on a global scale. The rise in online crime is outpacing the supply of cyber defenders and the Israel's reputation for security skills means overseas buyers also beating the path to their door. That means plenty of opportunities for cybersecurity professionals to work overseas are there. So if you have always wanted to travel the world experience life in other countries a career in cybersecurity might just be your passport to success and open doors to exciting opportunities from Russia India Australia to mainland Europe Canada and the USA.

It's time for reason number eight. Cybersecurity companies have to defend against hundreds of thousands of cyber attacks every day. And in some cases the industry has seen attack numbers increased by 1000% in just 18 months. It's not just big businesses under threat. It could be someone you know, take the case of the single mother of two from the County down in Northern Ireland who was robbed of nearly 77,000 pound in an email phishing scam. She's just one of the individuals who gets targeted by cyber criminals on a daily basis and you could make a real difference to keep people like her safe. The online threat to companies and people's safety is huge and growing now across the UK National Crime Agency. Police forces, company security teams and special initiatives like action fraud cyber Streetwise and get safe online are all fighting this menace but they need more help. So they need people like you and I. If you want the satisfaction of doing a rewarding job and if you want to make a real difference join us to become the digital defender and work in cybersecurity.

Moving on to the next reason now. One of the best things about cybersecurity is that there is no strict upper limit on the overall number of organizations where professionals are required. Some of the well-known organizations such as Dell, Accenture Etc, they have many cybersecurity professionals working for them at many top positions, but the scope for cybersecurity professionals doesn't end there, experts also have the option to work with top secret government agencies, defense agencies and intelligence agencies like the NSA the mi6 Mossad the Central Intelligence Agency Etc. 

Now time for a reason number six, the fact couldn't be denied that mathematics is a challenging subject for many college students. Not everyone loves it. And the fact is this doesn't let them proceed with other best options which have mathematics as an important part, cybersecurity training and education is totally free from the involvement of mathematics and thus one who hates it need not worry, those who are still very young can consider it one of the best available options due to this reason. For example, the coolest thing I thought about my own first degree was the fact that I didn't have to take calculus or any further mathematics, in cybersecurity you could be taking programming courses or networking courses to sharpen your skills. So if you've had an aversion for maths cybersecurity might just be a cup of tea.

So reason number five cyber attacks are getting smarter day by day, cybersecurity professionals are always busy outsmarting black hackers, patching vulnerabilities and analyzing the risk of an organization. Tackling such attacks in an ever advancing industry only comes with continuous study and thorough research. This means after you start working your knowledge is continuously enriched and with experience your wisdom continuously gets honed and thus, the sky is the limit when we are talking about personal growth in cybersecurity industry.

So if personal growth is one of your actual worries cybersecurity actually solves it in a very proficient manner.

Moving on for reason number four. It's what everybody wants you know. There are over a million companies in this world spread across a variety of sectors and industries and a large proportion of them share one thing in common today. That is the need for an internet connection now more than 400,000 people already work in the information security industry and demand for cyber skills is growing fast in every type of company and government department. So whether your dream of working in sports or fashion or media or emergency service finance retail because no matter what size or type of organization, they all need security experts to protect the sensitive data and customer information. The situation isn't going to change anytime soon and with a predicted worldwide shortage of 1.5 million information security professionals by 2020 cyber professionals will stay and exciting and rewarding in demand career across every industry for years to come.

This brings us to reason number three, which is kind of a byproduct of reason number four. So as a cybersecurity professional, you're not confined to a singular industry unlike a majority of the professional world. Digitalization is taking place across a lot of industries and with the advancement in fields like IOT, big data automation and cloud computing. We could say we are going through a digital revolution. So being a cybersecurity professional doesn't stop you from working in a hospital, school, government agencies, top-secret military agencies and so on, the gates are wide open and almost everybody wants to be secure on the digital front.

Okay, so it's time for reason number two. So that is, cyber security jobs are very dynamic and challenging due to the unpredictable nature of the future a career in cybersecurity is not and cannot be any and stale. You will be challenged on a regular basis. There will be new and unexpected failures as well as amazing and surprising discoveries. One certainty is that attackers will continue to develop new exploits on a constant basis and your job may be to evaluate these new threats as they are uncovered in order to improve your organization's defenses. The functions of business will change and you may be tasked with altering the existing IT infrastructure to support a new process function or capability which has never been considered the company may have an unexpected popularity surge that dries up your production rate by 1000% or more requiring you to ramp up capacity as fast as you can get hardware plugged in and software installed. Your company may branch out into alternate markets spread into other countries or adopt exotic business strategies and you will be required to make the IT adjustments support the change and keep things stable available and secure as a cyber security professional. You'll be solving new puzzles fighting off new demons and supporting new activities on a regular basis. 

So if you enjoy a challenging job cybersecurity is just meant for you which brings us to our final reason. And that is money makes the world go round. The world has woken up to cybersecurity with stories and news almost every week on new cyber attacks faced with online attacks business and governments are looking for experts who can protect their systems for cyber criminals and they are willing to pay high salaries and provide training and development. 

There are great opportunities for anyone starting a career in cybersecurity for one salaries, and cybersecurity are some of the fastest growing in the world rising at an average of 14% a year. For senior security professionals earnings can surpass the median salary average by huge margin and about that your earnings are based completely on merit not your sex, age or ethnicity. Ofcourse a career in cyber security is not just about the money but it always helps to have a fat paycheck at the end of the month.

So guys that was my 10 reasons as to why you should definitely join a cyber security career. I hope you enjoyed this post. Thank you and goodbye. I hope you have enjoyed reading this post. Please be kind enough to share it and you can comment any of your doubts and queries and we will reply them at the earliest. Do look out for more post.

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