I enter her life to live
She pushed me to leave
Unsympathetic to my broken piece
I wanted to leave for the sake of her peace
But I am so attached and tenderhearted
All attempt to fix it, left me brokenhearted
So I learned it the hard way
Yeah! I learned it the hard way

Its either you say it out and ruin it all up
Or you keep it within and it ruins you all up
And it chokes when you have a lot to yell out
But nobody to hear what you want to tell out
Pain in our hearts forms strong base of agony
So sort it out, cry it to God the reliever of agony
Oh the healer of hearts from head to heel
The anguish in me has piled to hill
Only through your mercy I can heal

I really don't know whether I am praying for getting her
Or I am praying forgetting her
But i pray my heart will be stronger
To withstand the thirst and love hunger
Until someone love me at my worst
Knows my imperfections but still see my worth
Who will cherish me and accept me as flawsome
And is willing to mold me and reshape me to awesome
Baby I don't know how to give up on you
Your love is my hurry zone
Baby how can I give up on you?
Your love broaden my horizon
Baby how can I afford to lose you?
Life without is worrisome

Baby your cute angelic smile that unveils your diastema
Baby your cute radiant face that dazzled my retina
Baby your calmness, composure and decency
Baby your kindness, closure and modesty
Forms the core of my thought and dream
I sleep to forget, they visit my dream
I write to forget, they visit my thought
I hope you enjoy the little I wrote.

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