Nigeria said it has taken the decision to suspend the acceptance of degree certificates from the universities of the Republic of Benin and Togo.

 The motion came after a recent investigation by the Daily Nigerian newspaper, which said that its agent has camouflaged and obtained a degree from a university in Benin Republic within six weeks. 

 The spokesperson of the Nigerian Ministry of Education, Augustina Obilor-Duru in a statement that she released, said the report revealed the ways some Nigerians are going to get a diploma with the aim of getting job opportunities that they are not qualified for.  .

 “The Ministry of Education has complained about such behavior and from January 2, 2024, it has suspended the acceptance of diplomas from Benin and Togo until her investigation is completed.

 "The investigation will involve the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nigeria and the two countries and the ministries in charge of education in the countries as well as the National Security Agency and the National Service Youth Program, NYSC."

 The ministry called on Nigerians to contribute in providing information that will help the committee as it searches for ways to deal with this happening in the future.

 The ministry also explained the challenges it is facing with regard to the problem of empty schools abroad or at home which are being lured by innocent people or other Nigerians who knowingly study in the schools. 

 The Ministry of Education said that it will continue to investigate in order to block all the ways and plans and punish the officials who are involved in this kind of behaviour.

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