The Minister of Internal Affairs of Nigeria, Olubunmi Tunji Ojo, has stated that Nigeria is ready to launch self-made passports in the country, which will help to reduce some difficulties faced by citizens in obtaining international passports.

Nigeria's international passport 

 The minister of interior affairs has confirmed that Nigerians will be able to get their self-made passports through a software that is online. He also said that this new process of obtaining an international passport will start on today 8th January.

 The minister added that Nigerians themselves will fill the vacancies that they have provided in the software, which will allow them to get a passport without the signature of any employee.

 Tunji-ojo, disclosed this when he was on a working visit to the immigration inspector general office in Abuja.

 The minister added that they have already started testing the use of this new passport system, and they will launch it immediately as provided.

 Also, the minister said that this plan is one of the agendas of President Tinubu to achieve a new goal, and this will help to solve the security problem and identify fake passports because his government have employed workers who will be in all local governments in the country to verify the authenticity of the passport application document.

 In his interview with Voice of America, Rilwanu Ladan, an elite and commentator on issues related to daily affairs of government, said, "This new process of obtaining international passports online will help to reduce the alleged bribery of some immigration officers in passport issuing department, and it will reduce time wasted in getting a passport, but this new system will come with many challenges, including the validity and verification of national ID number and poor internet connection, which can cause delays. we just have to wait and see how this program will benefit the citizens of the country" he concluded.

Such types of useful Innovation have been emerging in Nigeria, but the problem is maintaining the quality and the continuity of the program. Could this one be different, let us hear your view in the comment box below: 👇

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