Super eagles

On Sunday, the Super Eagles of Nigeria jubilate in a friendly match played against a club in Dubai. Garbia FC, a third division side in the UAE, and of course the Super Eagles won the match by 12 goals to nil.

 Now move up about 24 hours and the team faced Guinea in their main event friendly match  but this time the team wound up on the losing end as Guinea left the Baniyad Stadium in Abu Dhabi victorious. 

The Super Eagles got it on against fellow Afghan participants Guinea and the final score of the match was two goals to nil in favor of West African brethrens.

No broadcast of the match was out there may be because it's so close to the um Afghan it was kind of a closed door type thing but from reports that we received Super Eagles had some good chances in the match one of which is the penalty that they won around the 19th minute.

Sadik Umar won the penalty Moses Simon takes it but the penalty was saved and I believe that's like Moses Simon's first penalty missed while playing for the Super Eagles. 

 Nigerians and fans of Super Eagles are definitely disappointed. 

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