For the first time, a Hausa film has been released on the Netflix internet platform, which will give people from different parts of the world an opportunity to watch Hausa films and their culture.

 On the 7th of February 2020, the movie Mati a Zazzau was released, which is the continuation of the movie Mati a London.

 This is a great breakthrough for Hausa film industry of Kannywood, and this will make Hausa films to compete with other famous film industries in the world, especially their counterpart in the southern Nigeria, Nollywood.

Actors and producer of the movie Mati in Zazzau  in the cinema

 The film Mati a Zazzau was produced by actress Rahma Sadau and actor Sadiq Sani Sadiq and directed by Yasseen Auwal.

 The presence of a Hausa film on Netflix at the same time that the film market has moved to internet applications, is a great success for the entire Kannywood industry and all stakeholders in the industry.

 'It's a big win for the Kannywood industry'

 According to the writer, Ibrahim Sheme, who is also a writer and commentator on issues related to Hausa film industry, the level that Mati in Zazzau has achieved has never been achieved by anyone.

 The fact that Netflix is ​​the main platform for watching movies nowadays, not like in the past where you cannot watch except in cinemas, or you buy the movie on tape or CD, shows that Mati a Zazzau has really achieved a great success.

 This film is the first to reached the above stage in Kannywood industry, and it's a major breakthrough for the industry. Rahama Sadau as one the producers of the film, is the main influencer and driver of this success, as there are many producers and directors who aspired to make a film that would reach this level, but couldn't make it a reality.

 "Our brothers in the south of Nigeria have been at this level for a long time, but it was only in December last year that Rahama got the chance to enter her film, so the success is not only Rahama's, it belongs to everyone in this industry.  anta,'' said Sheme, one of the key producers of Kannywood.

 He added that now that Rahama Sadau has reached this level, she will guide her other Kannywood friends who want to see their films reach this level. He added that, not knowing the right thing to do is one of the reasons why it took time for film to be confirmed and so many films are rejected by Netflix.

 'I am proud to be the one who directed the movie Mati in Zazzau' Yassen Awwal

The director of Mati in Zazzau is Yasseen Awwal, he told BBC how he's really excited, seeing that this is the first time Kannywood industry has achieved this success through the film he directed.

 "If you take into account all people making Kannywood movies, everyone has a dream to reach this level and this shows that our movie has reached the level of the whole world, so my happiness will not be estimated."

 He added that "as long as you invest in the right place, you will succeed. Rahma Sadau has contributed 100% to make this film reach the level of Netflix,'' said Yassen.

 At the end, he said his hope for the Kannywood industry is they continue to be brave in providing stories, equipment, planning and production of quality films, so that there will be more films that will reach their level of exposure in the world of Netflix.

 And this is a sign that God has started to show them that they are going where they want, and there are steps that Netflix puts a movie on before they take it, so Rahama and Sadiq played an important role in the movie. My hope is that we will have more films that will enter the Netflix program.''

 'I believe Rahama paved the way for Kannywood'

 Rahama Sadau is known in Kannywood industry for causing controversies, starting from the song she did with the singer Classic which caused controversy, and lead to her suspension from the industry, and complaints about the clothes she wears and so on. Is she willing to guide her co-workers and others on the ways to join Netflix?

 Malam Ibrahim Sheme said he has no doubt Rahama will do it, despite the crime that Rahama committed to the industry before, when she's producing her film Mati a London and even this index film Mati a Zazzau all experts of Kannywood industry supported her and participated in the film, ranging from actors/actress directors up to producers.

 "One thing I understand here is that Netflix buys movies from the owner, and the price they buy ranges from $10,000 to $20,000, and some can reach $100,000. No matter how much Rahama has earned, she will bring them back to the Kannywood industry to produce another film that she will try to take to this peak of glory, so this is welcome development to all of us in the industry'' said Ibrahim Sheme.

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