Now, ever since chatGPT, everyone is like AI this, AI that. Like we have robots to clean our rooms, self-driving cars, and virtual assistant that tells you funny jokes and rest.

AI in 2024

 So just like Chatgpt, I'll tell you about 7 more AI tools that you can use for free. So stay tuned till the end. Let's go. 

1. Google Bart

Number one has to be Google Bart. Google Bart is Google's answer to chatGPT and now it is available for everyone to use. Number one, Bart has access to the internet. So you can ask Bart for the latest information and it will give you up to date answer. Like, if I ask chat GPT, which is the best smartphone camera in 2023? See the answer, it says "my information cutoff date is 2021". And now I'll do the same with Google bard and see it says the best smartphone camera is the S23 ultra. Google preferring Samsung over the pixel. Number two, since bard has access to the internet, you can provide bard with an article link and ask it to summarize the entire article in simple words, it does it with ease and this will save so much time and also whenever Bard gives an answer you can directly import your answer to Google Docs or just draft it in Gmail and many more features like asking Bard to generate images or providing Bard an image and asking it to generate a Instagram caption all of this is coming later this year so the AI war is on, also do note that chat GPT also has access to the internet but it is for the paid variant.


 Next up we have is and this is for all the fellow content creators out there. So this website can convert your full length YouTube video into 60 second shots in just a few clicks. Here let me show you. Now you can either directly give the YouTube link or upload the full res file from your computer. Select the aspect ratio. And here is the best part. It will also auto generate captions for you. Now if you want, you can also add your YouTube and Instagram handle. Take some time to process and boom! See it has created segments for the entire video. So suppose I click on RAM, here it has made an edit for the portion where I speak of RAM.

Now there are two things to remember. Number one, in our testing, sometimes the framing is a bit off, so you will have to manually adjust the framing. And number two, you get only 75 minutes in free mode. For perspective, if TechWizer video is like 7 minutes, so we can create shots for 10 such videos. It's a really handy tool for content creators. I'll give this a solid 9 out of 10. 

3. Beat Oven

Next up, we have is Beat Oven. You have beat and oven and it sounds like Beethoven, the legendary composer. So this website uses AI to generate royalty-free music, so no more copyright strikes.

So you go to this website , create new track, name it Beats with Iro. Now you have to select the genre of music you want, and after a while, it's done. If you want, you can even edit the song. But the question is, can you use this music for YouTube? The answer is yes, because  I have uploaded my created video file with the audio to YouTube and there was no copyright strike as of yet, and if you put copyrighted material in YouTube it says this video has been blocked. So yeah it's public everyone can see this video. Now the only thing is that their music collection is limited as of now but I'll give this a solid 8 out of 10. 


Okay this next one is pretty cool. I made picture of cold drinks entirely using AI. So go to, drag and drop your image, it will ask you to remove the background, add like a one word prompt of what the image is and that's it. See on the left, you have a lot of templates to choose from, I'll go with the mountain one, hit generate and just there you have it. And the best part is, no watermark, no copyright, nothing. So if you're a freelancer or a graphic designer, you can give flair a shot. Now the picture quality could have been better, but I won't complain since it is free. Easy 7 out of 10. 


This one is a really fun AI website. Okay, so you go to this website, Scribble Diffusion. Here you can basically scribble anything. So I'll just draw this scenery like most common school scenery ever. I bet 9 out of 10 people have tried to draw this once in their life. Next, write a sentence describing the picture and then go.


Okay, so we all know about object eraser but that you can do only in images.

But now you have object eraser for videos as well. So is an online video editor with AI functionality. So see here under AI magic tools you have tons of options like you can remove background from your video, blur out faces in a video, remove silences, everything. So I have a video of me walking in the park and there is this ugly trash can in the background. Now all I have to do is drag and drop the video, select in painting and now I can simply use the brush to paint the trash can and it will frame by frame remove the trash can from the entire video. Plus, even if the camera is not static, it automatically tracks the position and continues to erase the dustbin for the entire video. Now, the only challenge is, if the movement is too much, you will have to keep erasing after a few frames and fine tune it a little bit. Also, has just launched on iOS and on Android, as of now, you can only use it via the browser. So, maybe in future we can expect an Android app. The only catch is, in free mode only allows you to have 3 projects, so you will have to keep deleting previous projects and get rid of them. 8 out of 10, really handy for video editors. 

7. Tome

And this is for all you students, teachers, lecturers and working professionals, you can create a PowerPoint presentation by just giving a single prompt. Let me show you. So you have to go to Tome, hit create and now here just type in what you want. So suppose I type presentation on solar system. See it has created several slides. There is one for the intro, one for summary and everything. So basically it uses chatgpt to create the entire text description and uses daily to generate these images Of course, you can edit the images and text as well. 

Okay, let me try another one summarize the Marvel Cinematic Universe Wow, this is good see listed down all the MCU phases. There are also different color themes here So you can just change them as per your liking very handy for making presentations or deck. The only problem is exporting the presentation to PDF is paid, but this tool is so good, it's worth mentioning. Solid 8 out of 10. So yeah, that is it.

Now there is a saying that is going around on the internet like AI will replace humans. Well, if you remember in the intro, I'd use chatGPT to write a portion of it. So I believe that AI will not replace humans, but humans using AI will definitely replace them. Let that sink in.

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