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Hello everyone! Welcome to, today I want to show you the top 9 most useful GPTs inside the official GPT store that I found so far. And it took me almost about a week to complete this post, because of the intensive research i did on many GPTs. But I took these to a deep dive. I tested a little over 100 different GPTs to make this top 10 list. 

Now onto the official countdown here. 

9. Doc Maker

At number 9 here, we have a GPT called Doc Maker. And by the way, every time you use the search bar and type in a GPT, you'll see how many chats have taken place inside of that GPT. If you haven't noticed this before, but this one has over 25,000 chats. That's pretty high up there so far based on the usage in the GPT store. And if you're building GPTs, I really like this one option here. 

What can this GPT do? 

So if you set that as the very first recommendation on one of the Chatgpts that you could pre-select, this is a great way to tell people what your GPT is all about and tell them exactly in a step-by-step list of what they could do with it.

Just to save some time, this could create PDFs, documents, PowerPoints. And I went through here, I created a PowerPoint. It gave me a link. I went to that link, used an action, and it took me to this website where this was just some of my prompts to create a document. Very simple, but it's editable. It also could turn this into audio. So you could press listen option to do that, and you could just download it from there.

Very basic PowerPoint, but it downloads it in PowerPoint format. So you could then open up, have a skeleton here to start with, save you some time. 

8. Super Describe

Next on the list, this is under the Dolly category, and this is called SuperDescribe. So you upload any images and you get the right prompt to give to Dolly 3 to get the similar image. Let's try it. Here's a picture here. This is from Let's see what we get on SuperDescribe. And this is what Dolly created for us. This is the original. So if you have a reference photo, this is a great way to get something that looks like it. And if you click it and press I, you get the exact same prompt that you could copy and paste to create similar images using Dolly.

7. Prompt Perfect 

Next on the list, we have Prompt Perfect. This one has 25,000 chats. And what this does is with each prompt that you give chat GPT, you usually need more details, more context, more structure. So chat GPT could give you a better response.

This is exactly what this GPT does so for. Write your prompt, and this will enhance your prompt by adding all the things you need to take your prompt to the next level. This is a great one if you're new to prompting chatGPT. 

6. Logo Creator 

Next on our list is another Dolly tool. This one's called Logo Creator. And this one has over a hundred thousand chats already.

Now, one of the best parts about this one compared to all the other logo designers and Dolly, the ones I've tested out, this one actually walks you through a very step-by-step guide before it creates the logo. It asks you very easy, simple, multiple choice questions, and then it makes you pretty decent logos, too.

It gave you about 16 different variations, so it gives you an option. Do you want a single logo or nine? In this case, it gave me 16 for some reason. But really interesting. All kinds of variations gives me a ton of ideas. Even if I want to hire a designer, now maybe this will give me something that I didn't think of before. And for the most part, you got the text right. But a lot of typos, still, Dolly is not quite good yet at making text. It's not bad. Sometimes it gets it perfectly right, but sometimes it does not. So make sure if you're using logos that need a text to go ahead and play around with more prompts or just ask it to make a logo that's just the icon, no text, so then you could use another app like Photoshop or Canva to add the text yourself. 

5. Creative Writing Coach 

The next one I picked at number five is by the chat GPT team. They have 17 here, and I tested all 17, and I think this creative writing coach is really impressive. This is basically what it does. You could paste some text that you wrote and get feedback to improve your creative writing skills. So I have some text, and I'm just gonna say, give me some feedback to improve this. And I pasted this text from a science fiction thing that I've been writing. I'm going to go ahead and paste that and let's see what we come up with. 

And I tested this versus just a regular chat GPT and this creative writing coach GPT actually did a better job giving me feedback that was more tailored in creative writing. 

So I know a lot of people use chat GPT to write mostly for business use cases but if you're using this for personal and creative writing this one is worth a look from the chat GPT team. 

4. Convert Anything

At number four, we have convert anything. This one has over 10,000 users and this people I've noticed they've created a bunch of different useful GPTs but this one is very useful. A lot of times you have an image, let's say it's in PNG but you need it in JPEG or you have an audio that's in WAV, you need it in MP3. This does anything you want with conversion of any type of file. Now this is done through code interpreter that is part of chatGPT but this GPT just does it all in one place. 

3. Diagrams: Show me

At number three, we have diagrams, show me. This has over 25,000 chats. This was one of my favorite plugins. Right now I think the plugins are just going to go away because you can't update plugins as a developer anymore and I think they're just going to move all over to these custom GPTs. 

And basically this is what it does. It creates simple diagrams if you're a visual learner or if you want to teach someone something visually, it quickly creates diagrams. I like to use it for my maps, I use a product called Freeform right now inside of my Mac. So if you want some kind of diagram to visually represent anything, this one is a GPT to use. 

2. Consensus and Scholar AI

For number two, I have two of them on the list. One of them is just this most popular one, Consensus and Scholar AI. Again, one of my favorite plugins is Scholar AI. So between these two, you have 200 million research documents that you could find with consensus. And same thing with Scholar AI, It again also analyzes text figures tables from 200 million research papers.

With plugins, you could actually use two plugins at the same time or three. Now you have to use these GPTs individually. So you could go to them and here you could use this GPT that gives you access to something Chat GPT just doesn't have access to. All these research documents that only Scholar AI has access to or the ones that Consensus has access to. 

So if you're doing any kind of research, these two are great tools. 

1. InVideo AI

At number one, we have InVideo AI. An InVideo AI is also one of my favorite AI tools. It literally takes a single sentence and turns it into an entire video, and the video is fully editable. So if you press edit you can alter everything in your video, including the script that it creates for you, including all the selections, including the voiceover, you could even upload your own media and then you could go ahead and export it again, if you get the paid subscription, you could remove the watermarks that you see over there as well. 

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