In our previous post, we learned about Introduction of Human Computer Interaction and Goals of Human Computer Interaction. And now, in this post, we will learn about Benefits and Functionality of Human Computer Interaction. 

We already know that each and every field or each and every organization, Human-Computer Interaction is beneficial, right? So, let's see the exact benefits and functionality of Human-Computer Interaction. 

In this post, we will cover below subheadings: HCI benefits in detail, good and poor design examples and functionality of HCI. 

Human Computer Interaction have benefits in each and every organization and each and every field, right? Human-Computer Interaction can be used in Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Design, then Sociology and Social Psychology, Anthropography, Cognitive Science, Psychology, Information Security, Speech Language, Pathology and Computer Science Department.

It means that each and every organization, each and every field, institute Human Computer Interaction into action. So obviously, it has benefits from them, right? So, main benefits of Human Computer Interaction is gaining market share, improving productivity, lowering support cost and reducing development cost. So, let's see these benefits one by one how exactly these benefits are given. 

Gaining Market Share 

People intend to buy and use products with higher usability. Right? For example, Google search engine. Google search engine has the largest market share because it is easy to use with higher efficiency. Other than Google search engine, there is Opera, Yahoo, this kind of engine also available. Right? But Google search engine has the largest market or it has higher efficiency because it's easy to use and easy to learn. So, this  benefit of gaining market share is the benefit of HCI.

Improving Productivity 

The next benefit is improving productivity. Employee in a company perform their job in faster manner. Right? For example, workers in main line company needed to press a lengthy sequence of buttons in performing a task. And IAS student helped to increase their productivity while writing a batch program for the button pressing operation. For example, when you press a particular button for each and every action is performed. And from that, you have to use batch of operations. So, multigrading, multitasking, this kind of concept is used for improving productivity. It means in minimum time, you have to implement the particular product and it gives the output in minimum time. Which is called as improving productivity. And internet can also increase employee's efficiency. This is because internet provide each and every output in more quick way or within a second. So, improving productivity means performing operations more fast and effectively.

Lowering Support Cost 

So, next benefit of human computer interaction is lowering support cost. If the product is not usable, calls towards its customer support can be enormous. For example, if a washing machine is difficult to use, even after reading the instruction manual. So, many users will call the customer service and the cost per call can be over $100. This is also a benefit of human computer interaction. You have to make such type of model where no need of customer services. So, by using or reading the instructions of manual, user can use the particular product.

Reducing the Development Cost

The next, benefit of human computer interaction is reducing the development cost. So avoid implementing features users don't want and creating features that are annoying or efficient. You have to develop a particular product which have more easy features, not annoying or any inefficient features. For example, if there are too many unnecessary confirmation dialog boxes is using in word processor. It is likely to this product need to be redeveloped, you have to use Microsoft word or you will also use different types of application like WhatsApp, Facebook, Insta. So this all type of operation is very easy to use. You can easily post photos, you can easily upload the videos. You can easily find a friend request to another one. So this all type of application is very easy to use and easy to learn. So it also reduce the development cost. So this is also benefits of human-computer interaction. There are some good and poor design examples. Human-computer interaction always support only good design examples. Because these good design examples are beneficial for each and every one. And good design examples include usability and usability means easy to use and easy to learn.

Now let's see ere an example. This is the example of website. So there are two computers, in this computers the user interface website is very good to arrange. Each and every one is arranged in more good way. But in the other website there is very collapse for each and every one use. Ok. It's not easy to find each and every thing. So the first is a good design and the other is a bad design.

Here we come to the end of today's post on human Computer Interaction. Hope you enjoyed it. Happy learning, don't forget to pour your concerns in our comment box.

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