Machine learning, such a complex concept, but it is so simple to understand the goal. It is to teach your computer to do something by itself. And in the recent times, it has grown rapidly because of the silicon evolution that we have been able to achieve our systems have become so powerful and efficient that somebody sitting on a computer sitting at home is able to work and make machine learning algorithms work.

This was a dream even if we go back around 20 years. So riding on the wave of ever-increasing popularity. Why don't you join the gang and learn machine learning for you guys we have dug about and found the best books that we feel are suitable for it all be it a beginner or an advanced programmer. 

So let's take a look at some of the topics that we shall cover in this post. We should just go through a brief of what machine learning is and move away to the books that we have suggested note that we have broken down the book suggestions into two parts, which are the books for beginners and advanced programmers. 

What is Machine Learning? 

Like I said before teaching your computer to do something, formally speaking, machine learning is the process of creating models which can perform a certain task without the need of a human explicitly programming them to do something. Models are the algorithms that we design, and these algorithms just need data or an environment to work in, the remaining work is done by the model itself, that is machine learning. 

Machine Learning Books for Beginners

So having understood that let's take a look at the suggestions that we have for all of you. We shall obviously start the books that we suggest for the beginners and move up to the professional level.

1. Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners by Oliver Theobald 

Machine Learning Books for Beginners

Our first book is machine learning for absolute beginners by Oliver Theobald, the title of the book says it all. It is machine learning for everybody who is entirely new to it. You may not have any programming knowledge or mathematical knowledge and you can still start out with machine learning using this book, the language of the author and how he has explained everything keeping in mind the perspective of somebody who is new to all of this is just one of the best in the market today. 

It has pretty visuals and graphs with a good explanation about every algorithm and some coding in Python to put machine learning into the practical sense. So for all those of you who are new, this is the book to get started with.

2. Machine Learning for Dummies by John Paul and Luca Masser

Machine Learning Books for Beginners

The next book on a list is machine learning for dummies by John Paul and Luca Masser. On this book looks into the theory and the basic concepts of machine learning to make the leaders get used to all the jargons of it. It teaches you how to apply machine learning in practicality and introduces the programming languages and tools that are required to apply them effectively. 

It introduces coding with Python and our programming language and how they can be used to teach your computer about certain patterns and analyze results. You can learn how applications of machine learning are used in the real world and it is a great starter to the world of machine learning. 

3. Artificial Intelligence a Modern Approach by Stott Russell and Peter Norvig

Machine Learning Books for Beginners

Third on the list is artificial intelligence a modern approach by Stott Russell and Peter Norvig. Now for all those of you who are wondering what artificial intelligence has to do with machine learning.

Let me tell you that machine learning is a subfield of artificial intelligence and they share a lot in common. This book is the perfect move up from the previous two as it covers both the topics in good detail and the language is really simple to understand. It talks about the differences between them and how you need to understand the problem perfectly and move accordingly to find the solution for it. 

A really good book to help you differentiate between problem approaches and find the needed path. 

4. Machine Learning in Action by Peter Harrington 

Machine Learning Books for Beginners

We have machine learning in action by Peter Harrington. This beautiful book has been designed very efficiently and made user-friendly, the author introduces all the techniques that are required to get started with building machine learning algorithms and how to obtain data from these algorithms for data analysis. It is helpful if you are familiar with coding preferably in Python so that you do not fall short of understanding anything. This is probably the best tutorial for beginners to get started with coding for machine learning. 

5. Machine Learning for Hackers by Drew Conway and John Miles White

Machine Learning Books for Beginners

Last on the list is not exactly for beginners, but for somebody who is a coding expert, but has no mathematical background at all. Machine learning for hackers by Drew Conway and John Miles White. Do not think of hackers as somebody who is related to cybersecurity but hacker here refers to those who are really good at coding. The book stresses deeply on the math that is required for machine learning and uses real-world scenarios and use cases which can help you to get a hang of it, typical machine learning problems with our programming language are at the start and moves to the advanced topics where you will be taught how to build a recommendation system and those sorts of applications. It is a book to study if you are really comfortable with advanced coding. 

Advanced Machine Learning Books for Expert

So now that we have finished all the beginner books, let's move on to the advanced book for you guys. And yes guys, if you want to buy any of these books just go to Amazon and search for their names. 

1. Python Machine Learning by Sebastian Rashka and Wahed Mirjalili

Advanced books for machine learning

First on the list is python machine learning by Sebastian Rashka and Wahed Mirjalili. This book is probably one of the only books who focuses on a particular programming language that is python and it helps you understand and develop various machine learning, deep learning and data analysis algorithms. It goes over the various powerful libraries such as the sky kit learn for implementing various machine learning algorithms. 

Following that it also teaches you about deep learning using the tensorflow module. It also teaches you about the various methods which you can use to improve the efficiency of your model that you have made and lastly, it shows you the various data analysis opportunities that you can achieve using machine learning and deep learning. It's perfect for everybody who loves python. 

2. Data Science from Scratch with Python by Joel Groose

Advanced books for machine learning

Next on the list is data science from scratch with python by Joel groose, which teaches you what exactly is data science and all the Jargons that it has, machine learning basics have been covered. 

This will help you further understand what exactly you can do with the data that you acquire and much more. Yes, you do not need to know machine learning in prior but having understood it, it brings better depth and understanding to the subject.

3. Programming Collective Intelligence by Toby Segrin

Advanced books for machine learning

Third is programming collective intelligence by Toby Segrin. What do you do with machine learning? Where do you apply it practically? This book has the answers to all, it is a really fascinating book that teaches you how to apply machine learning to develop smarter applications. It teaches you how to apply machine learning models for websites applications and much more. 

This book has the project-based approach where it teaches you a project teaches you how it has been made and more then adding the flavors of machine learning and significantly improving the efficiency of the project. This is probably the best way to do it as it teaches you the importance of machine learning. 

4. Make your Own Neural Network by Tarek Rashid

Advanced books for machine learning

Next is make your own neural network by Tarek Rashid,  machine learning fails when the data grows and so deep learning comes to the plate. This book is beautiful for everybody who wants to know about deep learning and how they are better than the typical machine learning. 

It teaches you how to build your neural networks in Python with practical examples and problems. The writing is beautiful and helps you understand this rather difficult subject. 

5. Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning by Christopher and Bishop 

Advanced books for machine learning

Last on the list is pattern recognition and machine learning by Christopher and Bishop, for everyone aiming to be data scientists, this is the book that you need. It covers various ever-advancing topics of statistics and probability and also goes through finding what patterns make the data better or worse and how you can work with them for machine learning for general examples to real-world data gathering and pattern study it teaches all of it to you.

It is definitely the book only for advanced programmers, when you go ahead with it will definitely help you improve yourself and probably land up as a good resource for your machine learning course. 

So that brings us to the end of this post. I hope the information shared was helpful. If there are any doubts, please leave a comment for us in the comment section below and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.

And if you want to buy any of the books that we have mentioned just go to the Amazon and type their names. Take care. Happy learning. I hope you have enjoyed reading to this post. Please be kind enough to share it and you can comment any of your doubts and queries and we will reply them at the earliest, do look out for more posts in our content gallery and follow to Blueguard  to learn more. Happy learning!
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