Monetize Tiktok in Nigeria

On 21st of February 2024, my TikTok account  just crossed more than 10,000 followers, which means that 10,000 real people have clicked the follow button and are also engaging in my content. In order to say thank you, I will be giving out a free update on how you can earn money on tiktok without any monetary investment and of course you already know the style of my post that I do not beat around the bush so we are starting right now.

So step one, log into your TikTok account and click on these three lines there. And then you click on creator tools. And on Creator Tools, you are going to see Video Gifts. Just click on it and turn it on. And you are going to see Get Gifts on your Top Performing Videos.

Gifts are a fun way for your viewers to support your content and help fund your creativity. You can see the requirements have at least 10,000 followers, videos must pass moderation to be eligible, your accounts must have been active at least 30 days and all other requirements.

Now if your account is not yet up to 10,000 followers it doesn't mean this post isn't for you, so you can share this post like and save it for later use. 

What am I going to do in this case just click on turn on gifts and you can see gifts turned on so it is just as simple as that, now people can be able to gift you on your videos, is not just your live this one is different from live gifts if you click on life gifts that's different, you can still go live and people can still gift you while you are live on TikTok. 

Okay, now just in case if you have any questions or if you don't understand how this works, you can click on gifts, you can see video gift and you click on the question mark button right there and right there you can read everything you need to know, every single thing you need to know about this method.

Now i am going to give an extra hint on how you can withdraw your earned money on Tiktok into your naira or dollar account. What you need to do is just click on the three lines on top out there, and then you click on settings and privacy you will see balance you click on balance and right there you are going to see where you can withdraw your money.

Once you have your funds there you just click on withdraw. Then if you've not added your bank account it is then that they are going to ask you to put in your bank account so you can fill in your Naira or your dollar account or another account whichever account is available or any account that you want to use and receive your money. 

You can see the daily withdrawal limit is $100, but you can as well increase your limit there. You can also see 'go live now'  where you can go live and collect more rewards. So just in case you want to gift your favorite content creator, what you are going to do is follow the same method and when you get to this place, click on get coins. 

You can see the various prices of coins there, if you want to buy 20 coins it's #140, if you want to buy 65 coins it's #790, 660 for #7800 and so on.

So this is just how it works and it is just as simple as that. Thank you so much for reading till this point. Stay tuned with Blueguard and happy learning!

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