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 On September 2023, the Nigerian Securities and Exchange Commission, SEE, placed a disclaimer on Binance. Nigeria Limited, stating that the platform was neither registered nor regulated by the commission, so its operations in Nigeria are therefore declared illegal. 

They also declared that Binance lacked the authorization to buy and sell securities in the nation, and also cautioned citizens to desist from using the platform. Binance was also warned that if they fail to rectify this issue by February 2024, its operation in Nigeria will be blocked. 

I am a great Binance user and yes, this is February 2024 and the ban slash limit hit hard on several Nigerian Binance users Now you can still log into Binance from Nigeria and you can still view your account and view your wallet and look at what you have in there, but  you may not be able to carry out major operations like before.

I tried sending out, for me personally i tried sending out some money i had on binance after the ban and i was getting an error message you you're going to see an error message whatever error message sometimes connection error, whatever error message and it won't allow you to just send out to another user. 

So  in this post I'm going to teach you how you can easily send out your funds or withdraw your funds from Binance. Now there are two major ways for you to do this and the first method involves you spending some money. The second method is free you don't have to spend anything.

I'm going to talk about the second one later in this post so I recommend you keep reading to the end. 

Now the first method involves you using a VPN and I know you must have heard a lot of people talk about this on YouTube and other internet platforms. For VPN, you have to subscribe to premium version, even when you get the premium version you must not connect to US while logging into Binance, because Binance is banned in the US too.

Okay, so when you pay for the premium version of any VPN, I'm not recommending anyone this is not a sponsored post, so you can just choose from any VPN you want and where you pay for it.

Please do not connect to us while logging in to Binance okay you You can use other places, other African countries, Cameroon, Ghana, you can use UK, you can use Europe, you know, Lithuania, Germany, Norway, other countries and you can successfully do your operations. 

But now the issue lies in how much is the premium version of most good VPN. For a good VPN, on the average you can have $15 per month, that's about 25,000 Naira months for a good VPN but it can get cheaper when you want to pay per year when you can now start paying about six dollars or seven dollars per month making you pay about 83 to 85 dollars at once for a year, which is you are with the current conversion rate should be around 135,000 Naira.

 I'm probably just willing to spend that kind of money right now judging with the situation of the country. So the first option like I said before use a VPN get the premium version pay for it either monthly or yearly or you can pay for two years it gets cheaper along the line and then do not connect to us while logging into Binance.

Login with any other country using VPN and withdraw your money from Binance to your required destination.

 The second method was actually what I used and what did I do I just told a friend of mine who is in Cameroon to log into my Binance and then I went to CoolCoin got another wallet another USD wallet or BNB wallet anyone you want send to him and he can from there send to your CoolCoin or any other platform that you want. 

So now shout out to Tanko, I contacted Tanko and told Tanko, please log into my Binance. Meaning that if you give someone your login, your password, your email and OTP, anything can happen to your funds or even your account. Your account can be hijacked, your funds can be taken away if the person is dubious. So be cautious, give your details to only the person that you can trust 100%.

So if you want to use this method make sure that whomever you want to contact to help you with your funds or send out your funds from Binance is someone that is trustworthy. Also note that for this second method you must not have someone in Cameroon. You can have someone in Ghana, in UK, in Norway, any other country at all that Binance is not banned. So the person can just log in from there and access your account and send out your currencies to your required destination.

I repeat, make sure that whomever you are giving your details is a trusted or trustworthy person so that you do not lose your account nor lose your funds. 

So I said let me just drop this quick update for anyone that is having any difficulties bringing out their money on Binance. Instead of you to make passive income online for you to diversify, because if a big giant like Binance can just get limited in Nigeria with 230 million people, I know not everyone uses Binance but Nigeria is a big market if the government can bring it down this is a wake-up call that whatever you are doing diversification is key.

So don't just put all your coins in one basket don't just put all your cryptos in one platform spread them out and sign up on several platforms, do several businesses, so even if one gets shut down, the rest can keep you afloat. Thank you so much for reading to this point. I hope you gained value. 

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