The Blueguard

The Blueguard is online non governmental, nonprofits personal blog founded by Dr. Ibrahim Sulaiman, MB;BS (UDUS), BCA (HITS).

The Blueguard aims to enlighten its users on all aspects of cybersecurity and how to stay safe while wandering through the world of internet. This is in attempt to combat widespread cyber crime, cyber attacks and threats that are rampant in today's internet era. This will also help to protect innocent population, internet naive and juveniles from all sorts of cyber mischief.

The Blueguard provide great tutorials on artificial intelligence and its basics, like machine learning, deep learning, neural networks and natural language processing. This is to leverage computer security with advancements of technology in this era of AIs and robotics.

In addition to all these, Blueguard also provides auspicious tutorials on other aspects of science and technology. In order not to render the contents of the website boring, Blueguard also provides some entertainment and arts under its 'blog' section.

On 29th of February, 2024 Feedspot mention Blueguard as the number 13th best technology websites in Nigeria. This is one of the major breakthrough in the history of the website. This strengthened our feet, because it shows despite several constraints and slow growth experienced by the website due to many factors, the website is still earning some recognition within and outside of the country, delay is not a denial and hard work always pays.

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