How to use ChatGPT as AI Voice assistant

Welcome to our exciting journey where we transform ChatGPT, a powerful text-based AI, into a voice-activated assistant that can revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Imagine turning the sophisticated capabilities of ChatGPT into a personal assistant, accessible with just your voice. 

Today, we will explore how to make that a reality, from simple commands to complex conversations, see how voice activation can bring a new dimension to this advanced AI.

How to Put Voice Recognition to ChatGPT

We will start with the basics of integrating voice recognition features with ChatGPT, discussing both the tools and technologies you will need. Then we will guide you through the setup process, showing you step-by-step how to build your own voice-activated system.

Follow along as we dive deep into customizing responses, refining voice recognition accuracy and enhancing user interactions to create a seamless and intuitive user experience. And by the end of this tutorial, you will not only understand the technical framework but also the vast possibilities of enhancing everyday life with your newly built voice-activated assistant. 

Whether for home automation, personal assistance or even business efficiency, the potential is immense.

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So let's get started guys, assuming this is our chatGPT and we want to make it as an AI assistant. So what we'll do is we will use a Chrome extension that is called TalkToChatGPT extension.

Moving on to that, we will install that extension into the same browser where your chatGPT has been logged in and it's applicable for the 3.5 version of chatGPT and the GPT-4 also. 

If you have the free version of GPT, you could also integrate TalkToChatGPT extension into it. So as it has been installed into your browser, you'll refresh the chatGPT and you could see a dialog box appeared with the name TalkToChatGPT and after clicking on start, you could see there are options mic, volume and  you could skip the message that will be displayed by the board and these are the settings.

If you unmute and TalkToChatGPT or give any prompt, it will listen to it and run the prompt. And before that, we'll move to the settings and here you could see that we have AI voice and language and in this you could choose any one of them and these are freely available. You could use any of them and there are no limit credits for this.

So let's have a demo for this. So we'll unmute and we'll ask chatGPT to list the difference between list and tuples in Python. So you could see that the chatGPT has taken our prompt and started generating the response. 

So we'll stop this prompt and moving back to settings. First, we'll unmute this as chatGPT will take the prompt. Moving back to the settings, you could see that there are various free AI voice languages that you can choose from.

As we have another option that is Evenlabs and this is one of the prominent AI speakers in the market today. So we'll get the Evenlabs API key and paste it there and we'll get some credits that would be according to the characters and we'll use them and show you guys how we can use it.

And there's a voice control system there, if you say the stop word the prompt will automatically stop or the response that would be generating by the chatGPT that will get halted and this pause word also if you speak the pause word with the mic unmuted it will catch the pause word and it will pause the prompt there only. So we'll save this and we'll search for Evenlabs API key.  

Moving to Evenlabs, first, what you have to do is sign up and create a profile there, and after that move to the profile section and there you would see the API key. 

Copy that and get back to your chatGPT and in the settings of talk to GPT extension you have enabled the Evenlabs API key and paste it there. So you have pasted the API key there and you could choose from the Evenlabs voice that would be only in English or multi-language and you will see the voice assistants that are available. So we'll choose your preferred voice there and save it. 

How to use ChatGPT as AI Voice assistant

So as you unmute this option you could ask the prompt with the chatGPT and he will answer and provide the solution to you. So let's try out once. So let's see the output. 

We'll ask chatGPT what is the difference between lists and tuples in Python. You could see that chatGPT has it looks like there might have been a typo or misunderstanding in the original question regarding doubles in Python. 

If you meant tuples instead I already provided a comparison between lists and tuples. However if you meant doubles as a data type for storing decimal or floating point numbers. The term double isn't specifically used in Python like it is in some other programming languages e.g o C or java. In Python floating point numbers are typically referred to just as floats and they are used to represent both single and double precision numbers depending on the platform. 

As you can see that the chatGPT has provided us the response and it is acting as an AI voice assistant and to there are different voices that you can choose from and I have one of them that is of Alex and Paul. Similarly you could choose any one of them and we have some of the free credits that you can use. 

Let's move to the subscription plans and we have 10,000 characters per month free with initial plan and if you want to upgrade the plan there are subscriptions.

With that guys we have made chatGPT as an AI voice assistant and if you like this post please share and follow Blueguard, and if you have any doubts you can comment down in the comment section below. 

Till then stay safe and keep learning. Staying ahead in your career requires continuous learning and upskilling. Whether you're a student aiming to learn today's top skills or a working professional looking to advance your career we've got you covered. 

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